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Born in 1976, Sebastian Greenwood has proven to be an excellent businessman who can single-handedly create a marketing campaign from scratch and implement it, rendering extraordinary results in terms of sales. Although his forte is managing a company’s strategic course, as he is highly proficient in pointing out what the best tactics are for a achieving group’s current goals, Sebastian is also an expert in transactions and sales.

About Sebastian Greenwood

With over 10 years of experience behind him in various positions, Sebastian grew accustomed to numerous cultural backgrounds, such as Europe, Asia or the Mediterranean. He is not only a versatile individual, but also makes a point of mastering his position and improving his work efficiency continuously, which can be seen in the course of his education and career. After graduating from Ostra Real in Stockholm, where he majored in Economics, he acquired the position of an intern junior analyst for UK’s Bloomberg Financial Markets. Here, he gained his practical knowledge about the fundaments of market transactions and business economics. Furthermore, he used what he learned in order to develop himself into a confident marketing and sales campaign designer, having now a tangible record of exceptional sales and marketing results. In these campaigns, Sebastian Greenwood involved himself into all the possible aspects, from recruiting and mentoring, to implementing highly-effective audience-targeted strategies. Lastly, there is no denying the quality and standard of the results his mentored pupils achieved due to the professional and complete guidance they received.

Sebastian Greenwood Education

Sebastian Greenwood educational track led him to take a course in leadership at Frankfurt’s European Business School. For him, it was the logical choice, although he never expected to reach a managerial position in less than three years from graduating the course. Through his hard work and consistent results, Sebastian acquired his first executive position in the year of 2001 with a German company. He took the opportunity and never looked back, also having the chance to improve his knowledge of the German language. As a transaction manager, he demonstrated that he can handle joint venture opportunities between multiple companies and parties, thorough analyses on financial aspects of all the transactions that were made, while also maintaining his work at a strict and diligent standard. His achievements and constant perseverance were an inspiration to his workers. His motivation was extended to them, which quickly turned Sebastian into a versatile asset to any serious business.

Today, outside of his work environment, Sebastian Greenwood maintains a balanced personality, showing a keen interest in golf, travelling and tennis, as well as in contemporary art and fashion. Now the co-founder and owner of his own company, Sebastian manifests interest in a variety of different domains, as part of his life goal of having a complete personality.

Who is Sebastian Greenwood

Sebastian Greenwood- The Rewards of Network Marketing

Although the business and trading world can be a difficult one to master, and it is certainly not an easy place to make a name for oneself, Sebastian Greenwood, a Swedish native and graduate of the Östra Reals economics program in Stockholm and the prestigious Frankfurt European Business School in Germany, is well on his way to achieving both.

His economic background combined with the German style of business acumen and focus on cultivating leadership has served Greenwood well, and has fueled his rise through the ranks of OneCoin at a rate far exceeding many of his peers. As an executive, Greenwood has emphasized the importance of ethics and well-researched strategy. “In my role, I’ve found that the most important determinant of success has been holding off on the decision making process until all due diligence has been completed, and making sure that my team is behind every decision,” Greenwood said.

For inspiration, Greenwood takes advice from one of the world’s greatest leaders and orators, Winston Churchill. The quote he values most indicates not only his work ethic, but also his leadership style. As Churchill said in his address the US Congress in 1952, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” Greenwood’s adherence to this concept is a testament to his limberness and responsiveness to change and challenges. In an international business climate that changes and evolves rapidly, this grit and commitment to staying behind the ball is admirable and inevitably produces a career with longevity and staying power.

Sebastian Greenwood – OneCoin Card

In addition to flexibility, continual learning is also a tenant of Greenwood’s success. As an avid reader of everything from Sun Tzu to John Grisham, Sebastian Greenwood knows that keeping education at the forefront of his daily goals is a major contributor to his ability to outpace his competitors. Greenwood said, “When you make learning a priority in your life, the benefits from your education will allow you to conceive and carry out plans that no one else could.”

There is a lot to be said for a rising leader who is laser focused on doing business the right way and who takes seriously his responsibility to continually develop his success as a leader. Greenwood is one to follow closely as his career continues to bloom.

Sebastian Greenwood- A profile of one of Network Marketing’s shining examples

Sebastian Greenwood- Is it the dawn of the age of the cryptocurrency

Network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing, is an industry which has seen huge growth in the past decade. Its a modern business structure which allows investors to manage their own workflow, whilst emphasising the importance of building strong, palatable relationships with other driven and like-minded individuals. Through hard work and determination it gives its investors the opportunity to reap the potentially lucrative financial rewards as you climb the ladder of success. No one knows this better that network marketing star Sebastian Greenwood. His rise up the ladder of the emerging cryptocurrency OneCoin has been a success story admired and talked about by many in the industry.

Schooled in prestigious business and economic institutions in both Sweden and Germany, Sebastian Greenwood emphasised the effect learning from experienced and thoughtful business gurus had in developing his own skill set. Mr. Greenwood never takes the role of a mentor for granted, and has credited the many he has had as being an integral part of his success. Following his graduation of the universities, Mr. Greenwood ventured into the world of business to seek opportunities for financial and personal development. His first five business ventures didn’t go as planned for the budding entrepreneur. However, with determination and never give up attitude, he picked up the pieces and was introduced to the world of network marketing.

The industry complimented Sebastian Greenwood’s already developing skill set, and allowed him to utilise his interpersonal and communicative skills to the maximum. His investment in success at OneCoin probably even surprised himself. He worked long hours, and put in a tremendous amount of hard work to build his networks and help expand the opportunities the company had to offer. And so far, he has reaped the rewards. Not only has Sebastian Greenwood achieved financial success with the company, but he now sees himself in a position to be able to help others who once, like him, found themselves finding it difficult to get themselves up on a rung of the ladder of success.

His work for OneCoin now involves him taking a ambassadorial role as well as continuing to grow his investments through he company. He acts as a mentor for new investors, and takes great pride and satisfaction in seeing people develop and grow into the success that his hard work helped him to achieve.


Sebastian Greenwood is emphatic that watching others “make success” gives him the greatest satisfaction. Without being grounded in other people’s development and enrichment, it would be easy to tire of a field like network marketing. There are the exponential financial gains that come with economies of scale, but without a deeper commitment to the network in and of itself, it is easy to walk away from businesses such as network marketing after it has achieved what its creators require from it. The gains that can result from businesses such as OneCoin, which Sebastian Greenwood spearheads, can be so great that a paradoxical situation can occur where quick success implies an early exit. To know more about OneCoin and how it invests in people, see OneCoin Building Business by Building People.

Humans have an innate need to be part of something larger than themselves, to work together with others towards a common goal. It is these needs that network marketing also addresses and it is these needs that would ultimately override the financial incentives that come with being part of a business like OneCoin. Sebastian Greenwood has a deep understanding of these issues and this is why he continuously affirms his commitment to people.

It is this deep understanding of people that has made Sebastian Greenwood a leader in his field. To be excellent at something requires total commitment, and total commitment is only realized when the heart and mind are both engaged. Greenwood keeps himself in the zone of total commitment by always keeping his eye on the prize – the successful leadership of a global network. To know more about how Sebastian Greenwood has achieved the position he now enjoys, see Sebastian Greenwood on Leadership Excellence.

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